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About Us

We are an innovative digital agritech platform with focus on arable, pastoral farming and other agricultural operations in Africa.We believe strongly that agriculture is one of the most secure and profitable businesses to invest in as we provide opportunities for everyone to engage in Agribusiness anytime and anywhere.


  • High return on Investment

    We offer a very competitive return on investments to our investors, not only offering above what our competitors offer but also offer, realistic returns that make our investors comfortable and loyal to our brand.

  • Creative Business Models
    • Sponsorship: This is an innovative way we raise money to finance our projects.Our investors choose any of our products that resonate with them and monies are raised from them to finance the product. Investors get returns on their investment after the holding period which is the end of the lifecycle of the product.
    • Co-Investing: This is a model we have introduced to allow investors to co-invest on our products with family and friends. This model permits up to 5 investors to co-invest. The investment will be initiated by one of the investors that has an account with investnfarm and invitation to co-invest will be sent to others.
    • Referral: This business model allows our customers/investors to recommend people through word of mouth or a referral link generated from their dashboard to our brand. We do not only believe that this is a way to get our loyal investors to help spread the word about our brand, but we also use this model to reward our investors and the referred potential investors with incentives.
    • Collective Ownership: This model qualifies our investors for the ownership of product investment that has been made with us which could be in farm or trading commodities. The ownership can be in a medium or long term investment as the investors want. This model is only open to our 100 club investors.

  • Enhancing Food Production & Value Chain

    We are not just contributing to food production. We engage in the five level process of food production Value chain, these levels include our agricultural production, postharvest handling, processing, distribution/retail/service, and consumption.

Meet The Team


Oluyemi Olu-Adeniran

Chief Executive Director

Victorine Nonjang

Product Lead

Wasilat Elegbede

Finance Lead

Damilola Ademiju

Business Development Lead

Romana Munyavi

Logistics & Planning Lead

Collins Akalonu

Product Process & Operations Lead

Oludare Olorufemi

Privacy & GDPR SME

Victor Ojetayo

Legal Advisor

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